The area of Nikiana where there is the mountain Skaros with a lot of nature trails and rural roads it’s the best option for
those wanting to explore the interior of the island by bike. The top of of the mountain, the waterfalls of the ”Grindstone”, the Canal, the area of Alexandos and Kolyvata will win action lovers of two wheels.

Our local community have already begun the necessary signaling procedures, mapping and categorization of trails suitable for cycling routes.

Trekking routes


Discover the green side of Nikianas crossing paths and historical routes that the residents of the area mapped out for decades in order to cover the needs of livestock and agricultural activities.

Visit the waterfalls of the ”Grindstone” while going up the path that runs parallel to the stream of the ”Bishop” and witness the remains of the two water mills of the region, which stand reminding the difficulties but also the simplicity of life of past generations of our country.

Go up to the recently cleaned and marked “Path of Maniolos” from Nikiana to the top of mountain “Skaros” and see from high above Nikiana, the mountains of Etoloakarnania and Prince Islands, which some of them are ”Madouri” of Aristotle Valaoritis, ”Scorpios” of Aristotle Onassis and Meganissi.